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As a photographer, I love taking a trip to some distant location in search of the ever elusive "perfect photo". Although this type of work is very fulfilling and free from any kind of pressure, I also enjoy the challenge of creating something that fulfills someone else's expectations. This page is all about the work I have created for a few clients.

Ryan Stewart, composer

I have had the priveledge working with Ryan Stewart on several projects, including the photography for his new CD "Equanimity" and his website. I have had the rare opportunity of watching Ryan perform on multiple occasions. His talent can not be described as anything short of phenomenal. He is a classically trained composer who utilizes many years of talent and perfect pitch to effortlessly spin a web of intricate musical melodies in very little time. His diverse works range from piano solo lines to full-scale orchestral themes. His unique style and talent is loved by thousands of fans worldwide that describe his music as "hauntingly beautiful". Visit his website at
Ryan Stewart, Equanimity

S. Peace Nistades, Aurolis Elementia

S. Peace Nistades, composer

Peace is a very young composer whose talent rivals (and perhaps eclipses) many of the masters who have been composing before he was born. He has worked with and acted as assistant conductor/director to such conductors as Ms. Dinah L. Helgeson, Mr. John M. Trepp, Mr. Scott McKenzie (International Band Festival 2005), Mr. Suichi Komiyama (International Band festival 2006), and Dr. Geoffrey Boers (BICF 2006) which exposed him to an international cast of great musicians from around the world. Peace resides in Los Angeles where he has the opportunity to associate with many well known names from the film and music industry.
S. Peace Nistades, A Christmas Carol